Saturday, March 19, 2011

Goodbye my Lover

The music has to play while you read! Lolzzz:)

Nahoon,my love.

Kalk Bay

Goodbye sweat, goodbye dust, goodbye dry throat and itchy eyes. Goodbye sundowners, goodbye long, languid days on the beach, goodbye tan, goodbye romantic walks with my boy and goodbye picnics in the park.

I bid thee well. Au Revoir. Auf Wiedersehen. I kiss my lover goodbye to turn and greet my Winter. Hello, Wie Gehts, Ma Cherie, I have missed you!

Nelson, you cutie

Welcome woolly hats and mittens. Welcome hot chocolate and thrilling, icy rides on my bike through the crunchy leaves. Welcome afternoon darkness. Welcome to staring at the gray outside, wondering when it will stop pouring. Welcome to warming the water before washing my face.Welcome sore fingers. WELCOME!

I am so looking forward to my winter. Cape Town's summer has been brutal with many a sunburn and even a day that supposedly had the most radiation ever! Apparently I can't go for an X-ray for 3 months now! SHAWAWAW!

I have nominated to stay in a hot cafe for two hours than walk the 15 minutes home. I have not worn pants or jeans for approximately 2 months now, I'm not sure where they even are.

But I have also sat outside in the sun for hours, having beer upon beer,and maybe a few margeritas (*hic*) outside on the streets of Cape Town's cafe's and bars, and lain on the beach with my girls, or sat in a forest with a ray of sunlight kissing my cheek hello... *LOVE*
Summer, I shall miss thee, my fair darling. I will gaze upon thee in my gray wintery memory.

So when I think of a palmlined beach on a chilly, steam on my breath kinda day, I will remember looking forward to Winter on a pretty summer's day.

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