Monday, April 11, 2011

Shaking and A-Baking

Yum, I love CUPCAKES! Then again,who doesn't?

I went in search of some cute cupcake ideas.

These guys are super duper cute!
Do you have a favourite recipe? Please mail me,, if you do!

Charly's Bakery Cookie Monster Cupcakes

I have been researching cupcakes and general yumminess in Cape Town... Have you heard of Charly's Bakery? They have OMG kind of delicious going on. The story behind their bakery is also great, check them out here.

If you're wondering why I am so obsessed with cupcakes, it's because it's my BDAYY on Thursday! So I will definitely be making cup cakes and probably cake too. I promise to take pics!!

Xoxo - Mwah!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bicycles Make my Heart Go Boom

A Johnny Loco. My absolute dream, one day. *SIGH*
So, I bought my bicycle! The one I have been dreaming of!

When I lived in Germany, I rode my bike every day, all day. I took it every where, and loved it with all my heart. Unfortunately the people of Hamburg loved it just as much, many parts were pilfered.

The seat was stolen. That was not fun, finding my seatless bicycle at 2am after a night on the Reeperbahn*. Picture me, wobbly and seatless, sitting on the back rack, low rider, gangster style. Lolz.

The back tyre was stolen, as well as the entire bike on one occassion. The Germans sure do love themselves some free bicycle parts. 

My new bike!
I bought this beauty last Saturday. Her name is Peggy-Sue. And I love her. A lot.

I have cycled to work and back every day this week, it was fab! My body was shocked though, 'What is this exercise thing any way?'

I feel good though, strong, and my wallet is fat! (I usually take a cab to work - R20)

The happy maiden upon her chariot

So today, I'm going to take a ride through the Gardens and feed the squirrels. See, bikes are good for the environment, squirrels and pidgeons get free food!!

*Reeperbahn - the red-light district of Hamburg, Germany. Lots of pubs, clubs, restaurant. Like Long street, but a suburb.