Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Monday - Again!

What I'm listening to to start my week - Deftones, The Chauffeur

What I'm watching to start my week off:
* America's Next Top Model Season 16 (Yes, the very newest one!)
* Jackass 3D - I love fart jokes, tee hee! They used a Phantom HD Camera to record the slow-mo scenes, enabling the viewer to see every single detail.
* Arthur - still to watch!

Check out the slow mo camera in action at 0:32 .

Look out for the midget scene in the film. Hilarious!

Heee hiiiiigh!!
One of Ryan Dunn's last appearances... Miss you already.

Have a fab week darlings!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday Bitches!

Yay! Friday!

Here's to that Friday feeling!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did You Hear?

Photo courtesy of Chad Chapman
Yesterday, an 11m long Humpbacked whale was caught in a rock lobster trap, just off Olifantsbospunt, close to the Cape Point, which is the southern-most tip of Africa for my overseas readers.

The poor thing had been trapped in there for nearly two hours when the SA Whale Disentanglement Network, or SAWDN, was notified by a nearby fishing boat. Tired and confused, the whale was cut out of the ropes by the SAWDN, who were assisted by the Hout Bay and Kommetjie NSRI teams.

Two other larger adult whales swam nearby, as if to show support for the entangled mammal.
"Come on, Flipper - YEW CAN DO EET!"

The whale was cut free and swam off happily, in apparent good health.

Well done, boys!

You can find out more about the wonderful work SAWDN do here or the NSRI here.

What's for Supper?!?

Hi Sugarpies!

This weekend I had time to make some fun dinner. I love cooking! :)

First up chicken and bacon kebabs, spiced up with my home grown spring onions (boy, was I proud of those babies!). If you want to try this recipe at home, my top three tips would be, one, coat your chicken properly with a nice variety of herbs and spices. I used a bit of originum and dried basil (that I dried myself - yay!), black pepper and Aromat.
Two, chop your chicken into quite large chunks, as they do decrease a little in size in the oven. Three, make a homemade marinade and leave the chicken in it for approx half an hour. My favourite marinade recipe is below.

Absolutely cover the cutlets in rosemary!
Two most complimentary flavours EVER!
Aaand zen, lamb cutlets with black olives, garlic and chilli on Monday evening. I made some mashed potatoes with chives, cinnamonny butternut rounds and carrots to go with. It was YUMMMAY! 

So my favourite marinade recipe goes like this... It's pretty simple.
About one and a half glasses red wine (I prefer Shiraz)
A few tablespoons of honey
Two or three big glugs of soy sauce (the dark and sticky type)
2 Tots brandy, 2 teaspoons brown/palm sugar, A bit of olive oil, black pepper and salt. Herbs that match the meat you are marinading, ie thyme or originum for red meat, rosemary and sage for lamb/mutton, etc
Mix all up, taste it to see if you are happy with the flavour, and soak your chosen meat in there!

Enjoy my pretties, I did!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Google Translate

Not sure if you noticed, but there's a new widget on my blog - the Google Translate. It's awesome, and I have fun viewing my blog in German, Chinese whatever! It doesn't always give the best translation, especially in lesser known languages like Afrikaans, but it definitely helps readers understand the majority of what I'm saying. So now you can have an Inner City Lovin' experience in your home language.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Woza Weekend!

Hello babettes. And dudes too. :)

How was your weekend?

I had a pretty relaxed time, generally doing all the things one is dying to do during the week. I.e., nothing!

I had my first appraisal at work on Friday - man, was it nerve-wrecking! But I conquered and divided, walking away with a 20% increase, YAY ME! So I've been feeling pretty damn good since then. :) 

Boyfriend making creepy Mr Burns face
Overexcited on the Bus
On Sunday the BF and I tried out the new MyCiti bus that's been launched in Cape Town. Pretty smoooth. We took the route from Gardens to the Waterfront for five bucks each. That's right. Five Souf Efriken Rond. If you had to use other public transport to get to the Waterfront, you would pay about R15, and take two busses. So all in all, a pretty       schweet deal, if you ask me!

I wanted to sit at the back of the bus, 'cuz I'm badass like that, and ended up getting carsick. So there goes my Chola* image. 

Carsick Face

Whose been on the bus? What do you think? Drop me a line in the comments section. I know you want to!

Nighty night, fair readers


*Chola is Spanglish for lady Mexican Gangster - Booya!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yay! So I finally got the snippity snip I have wanting for sooo long. It's more vampire bangs then pin up, but I still love it!

 Kind of like Elizabeth Taylor in 'Cleopatra'. Mmmm. Sexy.

And just look at these babies! Sporting the classic swallow print - Miu Miu platform Mary Janes. *love*

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Your Daily Dose of Leopard Print

Hey y'all! Today I was all matchy match in leopard print tights, a leopard print bowtie and sunnies.

I wore a white collared shirt under a black wool dress, and I felt very *RAWR*
Leopard print tights from Edgars

White shirt - vintage - it was my gran's. Black woollen dress, Monsieur Price.

My bowtie. :)

New Sunnies. Thirty bucks on the street.


What do you think, my darlings?


Friday, June 10, 2011


You may or may not have noticed that I love food. Not love, like ordinary people. I dream about designing meals, menus and find food presentation exciting. (I know - NERD.)

So, when I was researching some trends for the menu at work, I stumbled across this little baby.

The Bento box. A traditional Japanese packed lunch.

The Bento Box stems from the old Japanese belief that food show appeal to all the senses. The food is found unappealing if it does not have flavour, colour, or isn't presented well.

Every Japanese mom must master this artform, and takes pride in preparing her bentos for her family
every morning.

And this is where it gets exciting ( for me at least). The Japanese have invented kyaraben, or character bento. Making bentos with manga, cartoon and animal themes. Imagine being a kid and opening your lunch box to find these!

Fact of the day.

Did you know, the Shokado bento box, a black laquered box, inspired the IBM Thinkpad? Rad!

It's not as hard as it looks, as it's mostly rice, fresh veg and leftovers. Dont forget the little sweetie for dessert!

Feel free to send me these at work. I wont complain. Promise?


Til next time me dearies

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So, How Was Your Day?

I am finally getting over my flu. Lots of staying in bed, drinking Medlemon, and taking sleep-inducing pills.

I was back at work this morning, FUN! Managing a restaurant has it's interesting moments. I had a waiter ask me to check on his table, because "they were looking at him funny". So I off I skipped, only to be met by Mr and Mrs Drunk-at-one-PM. Mr Drunk-at-one-PM decided that when I asked him whether he needed some help, that now would be a good time to confess his undying (not so secret) love (lust?) for me.
Drunk = sexy. NOT

And I quote, "How would you like to run away with me, let's just go have a jol, none of that sexual nonsense, well unless you care for sexual nonsense?" When someone warns you that they are "completely slobbered" it's code for "I'm going to flirt incessantly with you until you walk away."

Ah, wonderful.

I'm off to book that hair cut I've been going on about for a while now.

Til next time, lovelies

Drunk. SO Hot Right Now.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Things Make a Girl's Heart Sing

My New Stuffs!

Sweet little swallow necklace. I love this kind of thing, so dainty and
lady like. When I was a kid,  I used to try on all of my Gran's jewellery,
and she used to tell me, "Never underestimate the effect a simple piece of
jewelery can add to your outfit." She was right, it can make an outfit look
thoughtfully put together, complete, not just thrown on.

The most adorable hair band. I'm wearing it as I write this. I will
definitely be wearing it as a bowtie with a cute high collared shirt.
Oh, the possibilities!

I love graphic tee's. SO cute. And so versatile. R30 too. Easy on the
pocket, easy on the eye.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I Love Leopard Print

I really do

This morning I was dreaming about dresses, as I often do, and decided that I must MUST find my self one.

But it has specifics. I don't want a skin tight, bum grazer of a dress, that's all cleavage. It must be cute and girly AND have leopard print. I could definitely do a knee length, nipped in at the waist, a la Gwen Stefani.

Pinup Heaven!
But leopard print can go oh-so-wrooong!

You Don't Impress Me Much


I suppose this could have
gone wrong in any colour

But here she is. The dress I have been dreaming of. I would add a plaited leather belt and perhaps patent leather brogues, or in a metallic silvery gold colour
The Dress I've Been Dreaming of

Betty's That Blog

So much for my haircut. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, thinking it was just flu. Looked in the mirror and couldnt really see my eyes. Uh oh.


Boyfriend confirmed, my eyes were closing up and tearing. So off I went to the pharmacist. Who freaked out.

Long story short, I have viral conjuctivitis. An eye infection (similar to Pink Eye) caused by something tiny irritating my system combined with a low immune system. One upside - I don't have to go to work til Monday. My man made some hearty beef soup to make me feel better, which it did. Yum


Let me tell you about my Blogging Bettys. It seems like everyone has a blog, but I'm going to introduce you to some amazing ladies.

First up, Alez, the sexy little minx has just started her blog, Hush Now Pretty Baby. It's been going for about a week now and already pushing 700+ hits. Woah Nelly! Check it out here . Now don't you be thinking we're lovers just cuz I called her a minx and she has blogged about me a million times. It's just LURVE.

Miss LingLing, better known as Lindy, graphic designer by day and super blogger by night. She calls her bloggy wog "Dear Uncertainty". Lindy blogs about pretty things, photography and artsy jewelery.

My friend Jenna is a special person, her blog Oh Dear Little Bird is filled with magical feelgood posts; beautiful clothes, inspirational videos and gorgeous photography. Check it out here

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Late Night Kisses

Pin up hair and forehead burns.

Everyone knows, I love pinup girls. And their hair too.

I am very excited, like a kid before Christmas, to get my hair cut tomorrow! Yay!
I plan on shaping my fringe into a curve like the babelicious Betty Page. Perhaps I will frolick around in cat eye glasses and monokinis too.

Will post pics soon!