Sunday, April 29, 2012

And the Winner Is...

Lol! Here's Nando's response to the Santam challenge. Well played, Nando's, well played

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Santam Vs Nandos

Nando's is famous for their fantastic ads, having ripped off other well known brands, such as Cell C (eish). The latest being Santam. A while ago Santam released the ad below:

Nando's followed with this gem.

I didn't expect Santam to bite back, but they took the bait and shot Nando's this wowzer. Ouch.

I saw it yesterday for the first time, and have been waiting anxiously to see Nando's response.

News24 reported the following:
"Nando's has seen Santam's bet and raised it by offering the Johannesburg Children's home more than just a meal on their chosen day, but a meal a month for a year."
Bam! Take that Santam! It's so inspiring to see playful banter like this result in food for hungry children.

Well done, Nando's and Santam...

Daddy Long Legs Potjie Evening

Last week I went to the Daddy Long Legs Potjie Competition. For those of you who don't know, DLL is a small boutique art hotel, a sister to the Grand Daddy (the hotel with the caravans on the roof).

The DLL has 13 rooms, each with a different theme. The room names range from the kinky "Emergency Room", a brightly painted Doctor Nurse style decor, to the more calming "Open", a beautiful, light space, where the walls have been plastered in images of sunsets from all around the Western Cape.
1. The Emergency Room
2. The Open Room

Then there's my favourite, Palimpset. This room has been fitted with an attic style roof, beautiful old books, an antique cupboard, a pair of vintage pumps and a record player. It feels as if your in a cottage in the woods, reading novel upon novel, sipping tea and writing letters to your one true love. Sigh.
The whimsical Palimpset

The Potjie Competition is an annual event, where five teams compete head to head to see who can cook the most delicious potjie. And delicious they were. The five teams were Sailor Jerry, Old Mac Daddy, Cape Town Tourism, Rhino Africa and Capsol. My fav was the Rhino Africa's amazing Butter Chicken Potjie, but Cape Town Tourism's gorgeous lamb and veg stole the prize.
What I wore. :)
I love it. "Tip i f you F**king hate Justin Bieber" They must have got a lot of tips!

Basically how it works is, as a 'judge', you have to taste all five potjies and vote. Simple. Free dinner. Free wine. Good people. Amazing venue. Woohoo! Perfect night!

I had so much fun, and will be going back next year, and the next. You should come too!
Stopped at Narona to carry on with the festivities, and picked up a boyfriend. 

Ps. They are having a contest to redesign one of the rooms, check out their Facebook for all the rad entries. My votes on Hemporium!

The details:
Daddy Long Legs Hotel - 021 422 3074
Facebook -
The very cool website, with panaromic views of each room -

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Indian Feast

While trying to find dinner inspiration, I found this awesome dood. Just his accent delights me. Check out his YouTube channel for other delicious Indian specialities. I caved tonight and got take away. Indian, of course!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Funnies, Courtesy of 9gag

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, readers!

Here are my top tips for a happier Earth. I believe we can all make a small difference.
  • Plant a tree in your yard.
  • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.
  • Reuse glass and plastic containers.
  • Carpool or take public transportation.
  • Walk more and drive less.
  • Take a quick shower instead of a bath.
  • Make notepads out of used paper.
  • Buy items made of recycled materials.

Hair Obsession

Every year I go through this phase where I just wanna cut my hair into a fringe. I've done the short vampire thing, the long and wispy, the very full eyelash brushing style, and now I am fighting the urge to cut my hair into a fringe. Again.

Must. Not. Cut. Hair.

It's kinda difficult when your favourite show of the mo is New Girl. Zoey Deschanel is fringe perfection. Bridget Bardot sex kitten styl-ee. Argh.

And now I've discovered Bri Emery, the most amazing graphic designer. Her site DesignLoveFest is 'where type and images totally make out'. I have definite hair envy for this gal's locks.

But I think I'll wait a while until my hair is a bit longer.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Things I Love!

1. Sailor Jerry! Kiefest rum on the menu! YUM YUM.

2. Glittery shoes - I'm rocking my new brogues

3. Zoey Deschanel - I know, you know, I'm obsessed.

4. Less Than Jake - best ska punk band ever

5. Friendly friends - love mah gurls!


OMG you guyz! I totally love Fuzigish. Totally hardcore, punk rock, skank to the gish.

Everything I grew up loving. Rebellion, love, Africanism. Ska punking music!

I was having a conversation about South African music with a friend tonight, and I was all for it. All for it.

I mean, look at Fokokfpolisiekar. They reminded people of how cool it is to be South African, to be Afrikaans, and to be proudly so. They gave South Africans an identity.

I think after '94 people were kinda afraid, afraid to be themselves, true South Africans. Fast forward almost ten years and people are in love with our amazing country, and our music industry is thriving. Viva South Africa.

SA I love you.

I give you my top three Sa music videos.... #FuckYeah!

Spend your bandwith on this... It's totally worth it!


Well done guys! The winners of the Zando competition are

Alez Odendaal, Michael Thomlinson, Belinda Bailey and Nina Botha - AWESOME! Email me for the voucher codes!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Love!

I spend so much time cruising the interwebs. SO MUCH TIME. In this time I come across some blogs and websites that I just have to share...

Indie Berries - Che Kershaw writes hilarious anecdotes on the happenings in her life. Mad cartoonist, very funny - it's one of those sites that I find myself reading one night after dinner, only to snap out of my blog coma to find that it's 3am and I GOTTA GO TO SLEEP! Che also has a wicked craft/DIY section.

Honestly WTF - My new fave! A fashion blog with a fashion DIY section? Yes please! I learnt how to make a peter pan collar for a dress here.

Tails of a Mermaid - Natalie Roos of MK fame's blog. Her blog is very funny, very Cape Town and very fabulous! I love cruising her blog for new music and all things Cape Town.

Win with!

You guys! Hi!

Who doesn't like shopping? If you know me, you'll know how much I love, LOVE new stuff. And shopping in bed is soo amaze! Doing it right now!
I have just discovered, an online shopping site, that stocks brands such as Hunter, Havaianas, Zoom, Rocco Cavalli and Fate
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" is South Africa’s most comprehensive online fashion store. With both local and international brands, we offer excellent customer service, high-quality products and a unique online shopping experience."

I have 10 R100 vouchers to give away for the site! Awesome, right?

To WIN all you have to do is:

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The small print:

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