Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vilafonte Series M - Wine

Tonight I got home from work, tired, so over it, and poured me some vino.
Vilafonte Series M, to be precise. Smanchsy, innit?

The wine has a fine structure, is well balanced and full of flavour, juicy, woody goodness. 

My thoughts:
I found it to have quite a firm structure. This merlot is a smooth and easy drinking wine, quite full bodied. 

On the (my) nose: black cherry, chocolate, red fruits, oak, even cigar box?
Flavours I tasted: dark fruits, cloves, with quite an oakiness, which I assume is a result of the Cabernet Sauvignon? Super smooth and consistent with a fab fruity finish

All in all, something delicious, easy drinking, nice and full, superb merlot.

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