Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tomorrow is Coming Today

Wow! It's been so long! Apologies, blogfollowers.

I have started a new job, moved into a new flat and reached new levels of stupidity, all in the space of two months.

But I have learnt so much and gained so much. Every day that I live I'm realising that my life is going to go the way I want it to only if I work hard at it. I can either stress and worry, and wonder if things are ever going to go my way, or I can put on my big-girl pants, suck it up and do my shit. :) To quote Fuzigish, "Tomorrow is coming today."

Before J Leto turned eyeliner
Enough of the blondie philosophy class.

30 Seconds to Mars is coming to Cape Town, whose going? I mean, I know they are a bit gay, but I still listen to their first and second albums (sometimes).

Eyeliner Days

I haven't got tickets yet - and the best ones are sold out. Is it really worth it to go when the only tickets left are seated? I wanna jump around and make a noise!

Oh, and my new TV!!! Woot!
This thing is amazzzzzing!!
Listen here, bru!

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