Saturday, September 18, 2010

Asoka the Great

"To do good is difficult. One who does good first does something hard to do. I have done many good deeds, and, if my sons, grandsons and their descendants up to the end of the world act in like manner, they too will do much good. But whoever amongst them neglects this, they will do evil.Truly, it is easy to do evil." - Asoka the Great*

Asoka the Great was an ancient Indian emperor, known for his many good deeds back in the day. He is believed to be second after Guatama Buddha in spreading and teaching Buddhism. He believed in and spread the belief of love, truth, tolerance and vegetarianism. 

Asoka, Cape Town, however is a sick bar/lounge, drawing it's  influences from the great emperor. It's located in Kloof street, which by the way, is the new Long (at least that's how I see it).  I have only been there 2 or 3 times, but I likey!

It's an old Victorian house that's been converted in to a dark-walled, mosaiced mirrored, Feng Shuiey-type hotspot. The vibe is chilled out and loungey with couch-lined walls, where the cool kids like to sit and people watch/judge. I think some of the girls are hosting their own version of Gossip Girl on their Blackberries. But it's not a pretentious "I'm so hot" typa place. That's because it's Cape Town, and the peeps don't give a shit about you, cuz their circles of friends are so dramatic and absorbing. I say that in the most loving way - people here love their friends, and don't care about you....

There are 2 bars, the main bar, and at the back of the club, the smaller champagne and cocktail bar.

In the middle of Asoka is the famous olive tree, and it seems as if the building was built around it. The music is awesome, some kinda housey-loungey mix, that I don't know much about. :) And the waitresses are HAWT.  Tattoos and skinny malinks. 

During the week , it's a more jazzy, smokey kinda place, where one can stop for super yummy Tapas and enjoy some really good music. They often have live bands.

Carmy Cool Scale : 8/10 

I would go there for a quiet naughty cocktail during the week, or as a starting point for a night on the town. :)

* Quoted from Wikipedia

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