Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Rudimental's at De Waal Park

This weekend the De Waal Park had a free concert. Apparently it happens quite often, but on times before when I just happened to be strolling on through, the music was a strange mix of nothing as cool as the Rudi's.

The Rudi's are an 8 piece ska/reggae/proudly South African band, with a unique sound that makes you wanna jive. Seriously. I cannot sit still during a Rudi's song.

So when we heard there was free show on, at a park around the corner from my apartment, we were KEEN.
Cheese, wine and picnic blankets a ready, we marched our little tushies to the park to be merry.

It was such a great vibe; kids, dogs, old people, young people, hippies, Rastas, indie kids, every one loves the Rudimentals.

Here's some photos I took of the event.

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