Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beauty in the Urban Jungle

Cape Town is a beautiful city! :)

Everyday I see something that makes me smile. I caught this beautiful sunset about two weeks ago, after a rare sunny day in winter.

Cape Town on a sunny winter's day is an awesome thing to see. Especially at the weekend. Everybody comes out of hiding, bares their legs and cracks open a beer. I just feel like everyone is a little happier because of the sunshine. The birds sing,(and the crazy local hoboman does too, he even barks sometimes) and the sidewalk cafes are full.

Speaking of cafes- there's a great one in Buitenkant street- Narona. This is where you will find me in my free time. The food is superyummy, the beers cold and Bosko, the owner is a fun dude and a kooky personality. It's always a jol.

I have attached a video of my song for the summer! Summer is coming and it gets me SO excited!! Watch it - WATCH IT NOW!!!

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lucsdad said...

I came to CT for the World Cup with my brother - out of 6 days there I ended-up at Narona 3 times...once for an `80's dance party. Me likey - you likey too.