Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hipsters are People Too!


The other night I went for a drink with mah girls at the Power and the Glory (more on that later), and I learnt that HIPSTERS ARE PEOPLE TOO! 

Imagine that!

But only after a couple of beers.

Me: So, what do you do?
Hipster: Weeeelll, I'm like an artistic director of photography for this small media company, ya know, like it's all these creatives and we just work so hard, ya know, it's like really complicated.
Me: So you're a photographer?
Hipster: In a way, ya know

She went on to tell me how difficult it is and basically explained how someone like me (blonde, not wearing my dad's jersey with granny's tights off the Titanic) would never understand.

But after a few beers the facade broke down, and I saw that she was just another girl trying to show everyone  that she's somebody too. She even smiled.

And now for the cheesy moral of the story type effort...

Everyone has their own shit to deal with, be nice to hipsters, they might just be people under the whole veneer, and layers of funny clothes. Just maybe...

And now... Just in case you haven't seen it before.........

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