Monday, November 21, 2011

Lust List

Things I am drooling over.

1. Brogues - I really want a pair of shiny, not too dainty brogues, in black.

I tried a pair similar to this the other day. While I do love them, I felt a little clownish...

I have a thing for red shoes. And  love the pointy toe!
Dorothy Perkins
2. An  awesome vintagey record player
   There is nothing more awesome than listening to your favorite song over a record player, I just get this indescribable feeling, like a warm wave crashing over me, forcing me to get up and do the Jitterbug. When I was a kid I had one, and would listen to the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Del Shannon and make up little dances to perform for my teddys. I know, I know.
OMG- remember this?

 I would love one in a box, so I can carry it everywhere! Picnic in the park, anyone?

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