Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RAMFest 2012

Wow! Ramfest was epic!

It took place on probably one of the hottest days of the year, I hear temperatures were soaring above 38 degrees! I had a special water cup reserved just for pouring over myself.

My highlights were
*Newtown Knife Gang. I knew they were going to be epic! Their stage presence was amazing. They probably got the worst time slot, 13h00ish, as it was baking by then, I could hardly stand to be in direct sunlight.

*Hog Hoggidy Hog - So good to see the boys back in Cape Town. The moshpit was dusty and dangerous as always, pretty sweaty too, I steered well clear of that one.

*AWOLNation - Such a surprise! I was convinced that I wouldn't enjoy these guys, what I found on YouTube was quite indie and eighties sounding. Their sound is hardcore with a really strange tinge to it. Weirdo's Hard Rock is how I describe it.

*The Narrow - Awesome as always. These South African legends rock so hard. I lose my face every time. What a perfect build up to In Flames

*Fokofpolisiekar - I was impressed. I'm not normally a Fokof fan, and I haven't actually seen a show of their's in years. The huge crowd during their performance was a clear indication of the love this band 's fans have for them.

The lineup was superb this year, and there was a much bigger turnout then I had expected.

The awesome, awesome lineup. R350 for all those bands, what a deal
The free purified water. What a lifesaver. Backstage we had free bottled water.
The kickass MC. Anyone know his name?

The fact that it took place on a Sunday. There were many people I spoke to who didn't party as hard as they would have liked to. Who wants to drive back home after a festival? Also, a lot of people had work the next day, and no one likes a hangover on a Monday

The lack of shade - It was literally boiling hot, and I actually expected to see some passed out dehydrated people, but luckily not. The two beer tents were full and really warm, not much relief from the Karoo sun

R350 for a one day event. A little expensive, but on the other hand a great deal for all those bands. I'm not sure I would have gone if I didn't have a free ticket.

All in all,  I had a kick ass time. I was very grateful that I didn't have work at 9am Monday morning.
I came home dusty, hot, exhausted but so euphoric.

Cheers Ramfest

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