Thursday, April 26, 2012

Santam Vs Nandos

Nando's is famous for their fantastic ads, having ripped off other well known brands, such as Cell C (eish). The latest being Santam. A while ago Santam released the ad below:

Nando's followed with this gem.

I didn't expect Santam to bite back, but they took the bait and shot Nando's this wowzer. Ouch.

I saw it yesterday for the first time, and have been waiting anxiously to see Nando's response.

News24 reported the following:
"Nando's has seen Santam's bet and raised it by offering the Johannesburg Children's home more than just a meal on their chosen day, but a meal a month for a year."
Bam! Take that Santam! It's so inspiring to see playful banter like this result in food for hungry children.

Well done, Nando's and Santam...

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Peter said...

and don't forget nando's response to santam's comeback.

bloody brilliant I reckon!