Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Love!

I spend so much time cruising the interwebs. SO MUCH TIME. In this time I come across some blogs and websites that I just have to share...

Indie Berries - Che Kershaw writes hilarious anecdotes on the happenings in her life. Mad cartoonist, very funny - it's one of those sites that I find myself reading one night after dinner, only to snap out of my blog coma to find that it's 3am and I GOTTA GO TO SLEEP! Che also has a wicked craft/DIY section.

Honestly WTF - My new fave! A fashion blog with a fashion DIY section? Yes please! I learnt how to make a peter pan collar for a dress here.

Tails of a Mermaid - Natalie Roos of MK fame's blog. Her blog is very funny, very Cape Town and very fabulous! I love cruising her blog for new music and all things Cape Town.

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