Friday, April 20, 2012


OMG you guyz! I totally love Fuzigish. Totally hardcore, punk rock, skank to the gish.

Everything I grew up loving. Rebellion, love, Africanism. Ska punking music!

I was having a conversation about South African music with a friend tonight, and I was all for it. All for it.

I mean, look at Fokokfpolisiekar. They reminded people of how cool it is to be South African, to be Afrikaans, and to be proudly so. They gave South Africans an identity.

I think after '94 people were kinda afraid, afraid to be themselves, true South Africans. Fast forward almost ten years and people are in love with our amazing country, and our music industry is thriving. Viva South Africa.

SA I love you.

I give you my top three Sa music videos.... #FuckYeah!

Spend your bandwith on this... It's totally worth it!

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