Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lola's Stole My Heart

Lately I have been on the hunt to find the perfect milkshake. In my search I found a gem, something screaming “Cape Town” at me as I walked past. Sure, I had heard of Lola’s, I had even recommended them to friends for breakfast, based on what I’d heard. But when I went there myself, I knew... It was love.

Lola’s has been around for a long time, about 14 years, and has a really good name.. Their thing is vegetarian, really yummy vegetarian, and definitely not just for vegetarians. It's a great alternative for your average vegetarian, used to bland cheese and tomato sarmies, or vegetable lasagnes..

Try the curry - it's awesome! Comes with old fashioned sambals, sour cream, banana and chutney.

Lola’s fits right into Long Street. It’s kind of bohemian, definitely eclectic. It’s bright red and yellow 50's style interior gives it a sunshiny feel. On the day I was there, it was cold and drab outside, but not inside!

The service is good too. That always makes a restaurant for me. If a place has bad service I won’t go back, no matter how amazing the food is.

The crowd that hangs out at Lola’s reflects the restaurant’s happy vibes. They have got the "I sit in cafes sipping on my espresso all day" thing down pat. Everyone looks at ease, as if they have the whole day to lounge in the sun outside, or lately, huddle together deep in conversation in the cold that Cape Town is known for.

It's fun to pretend that you can spend your entire day in a cafe, but nobody really has that kind of time, which is why, for me, Lola’s gives off some special sparkly cafe charm, giving us some quiet time in these hectic times :)

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Taj Acosta said...

Looks fab! What a great blog you have doll! xoxo