Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beauty Recipe: Beer Shampoo

I'm constantly hearing about these make at home beauty rituals, and to me, most of them sound a bit like too much work!

I've made sugar scrubs, avocado face masks and they've all come out okay, so I decided to try this beer shampoo. It came out fabulously!

I messed around a little and the results were:

*Use lighter beers if you have lighter hair, I used a weiss beer, which smells a little better than most beers.

*Dark ale had a lovely and rich result, super glossy hair!

*I experienced quite a thick and full feeling, more body, so yay!

3/4 cup beer
1 cup of your fav shampoo

Simmer the beer until it's reduced to about a quarter cup, allow to cool. Then mix in the cup of shampoo, and voila, you're done

Luscious locks!


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