Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cold Winter's Night

OH, it's so chilly here in Cape Town.

The air is crisp as I walk home, leaves crunching under my shoe. My breath hangs in the air like sparrows on the phone lines. I love this time of year, walking out in the open.

Everything seems so much brighter, the birds' song sounds more full of life, dogs have more bounce in their bound, it's just so lovely. And even though it seems more gray out, the sky is more pink and blue than ever, the metal telephone poles are shinier - bliss!

Here are some of my perfect winter evening songs. I like to cuddle in a blanket, have the window wide open, with the smokey winter's air drifting in, steaming cup of tea and a book while this is playing.


         Spot Neil Patrick Harris if you can

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