Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's for Supper?!?

Hi Sugarpies!

This weekend I had time to make some fun dinner. I love cooking! :)

First up chicken and bacon kebabs, spiced up with my home grown spring onions (boy, was I proud of those babies!). If you want to try this recipe at home, my top three tips would be, one, coat your chicken properly with a nice variety of herbs and spices. I used a bit of originum and dried basil (that I dried myself - yay!), black pepper and Aromat.
Two, chop your chicken into quite large chunks, as they do decrease a little in size in the oven. Three, make a homemade marinade and leave the chicken in it for approx half an hour. My favourite marinade recipe is below.

Absolutely cover the cutlets in rosemary!
Two most complimentary flavours EVER!
Aaand zen, lamb cutlets with black olives, garlic and chilli on Monday evening. I made some mashed potatoes with chives, cinnamonny butternut rounds and carrots to go with. It was YUMMMAY! 

So my favourite marinade recipe goes like this... It's pretty simple.
About one and a half glasses red wine (I prefer Shiraz)
A few tablespoons of honey
Two or three big glugs of soy sauce (the dark and sticky type)
2 Tots brandy, 2 teaspoons brown/palm sugar, A bit of olive oil, black pepper and salt. Herbs that match the meat you are marinading, ie thyme or originum for red meat, rosemary and sage for lamb/mutton, etc
Mix all up, taste it to see if you are happy with the flavour, and soak your chosen meat in there!

Enjoy my pretties, I did!

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