Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did You Hear?

Photo courtesy of Chad Chapman
Yesterday, an 11m long Humpbacked whale was caught in a rock lobster trap, just off Olifantsbospunt, close to the Cape Point, which is the southern-most tip of Africa for my overseas readers.

The poor thing had been trapped in there for nearly two hours when the SA Whale Disentanglement Network, or SAWDN, was notified by a nearby fishing boat. Tired and confused, the whale was cut out of the ropes by the SAWDN, who were assisted by the Hout Bay and Kommetjie NSRI teams.

Two other larger adult whales swam nearby, as if to show support for the entangled mammal.
"Come on, Flipper - YEW CAN DO EET!"

The whale was cut free and swam off happily, in apparent good health.

Well done, boys!

You can find out more about the wonderful work SAWDN do here or the NSRI here.

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