Friday, June 3, 2011

Betty's That Blog

So much for my haircut. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, thinking it was just flu. Looked in the mirror and couldnt really see my eyes. Uh oh.


Boyfriend confirmed, my eyes were closing up and tearing. So off I went to the pharmacist. Who freaked out.

Long story short, I have viral conjuctivitis. An eye infection (similar to Pink Eye) caused by something tiny irritating my system combined with a low immune system. One upside - I don't have to go to work til Monday. My man made some hearty beef soup to make me feel better, which it did. Yum


Let me tell you about my Blogging Bettys. It seems like everyone has a blog, but I'm going to introduce you to some amazing ladies.

First up, Alez, the sexy little minx has just started her blog, Hush Now Pretty Baby. It's been going for about a week now and already pushing 700+ hits. Woah Nelly! Check it out here . Now don't you be thinking we're lovers just cuz I called her a minx and she has blogged about me a million times. It's just LURVE.

Miss LingLing, better known as Lindy, graphic designer by day and super blogger by night. She calls her bloggy wog "Dear Uncertainty". Lindy blogs about pretty things, photography and artsy jewelery.

My friend Jenna is a special person, her blog Oh Dear Little Bird is filled with magical feelgood posts; beautiful clothes, inspirational videos and gorgeous photography. Check it out here

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you are an absolute star xx