Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Things Make a Girl's Heart Sing

My New Stuffs!

Sweet little swallow necklace. I love this kind of thing, so dainty and
lady like. When I was a kid,  I used to try on all of my Gran's jewellery,
and she used to tell me, "Never underestimate the effect a simple piece of
jewelery can add to your outfit." She was right, it can make an outfit look
thoughtfully put together, complete, not just thrown on.

The most adorable hair band. I'm wearing it as I write this. I will
definitely be wearing it as a bowtie with a cute high collared shirt.
Oh, the possibilities!

I love graphic tee's. SO cute. And so versatile. R30 too. Easy on the
pocket, easy on the eye.

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