Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blog Love!

I just did a spring clean in our apartment - phew, sweaty work - and have been looking for inspiration for storage space and decor ideas. I have a lot of space in my apartment, but not much storage space. I also have SO MUCH STUFF.

I stumbled upon (teehee) some really awesome websites and blogs...

Apartment Therapy - an American based design site. Search for tiny apartments. What they do with a 30m2 apartment blows me away. Or SmallCool - wow, amazing and inspiring!

Tiny-Ass Apartment
 Tiny-Ass Apartment - So inspiring. AND funny :D Perfect for the girl on a budget, with huge ideas. I love her ideas, and it's awesome how big her site has become. It's a real meet and greet kinda blog. Something like I hope this to become.

Things I Plan to Implement in my Apartment:
Handbag hanger made from showercurtain rings

Okay, I would never do this, I would probably make such a mess
 outta this. Ooh.. What's that book? *tumbling down on my head*

I actually just want a fireplace to do weird things to

So doing this for MorkRock's PC wires

Bedsets inside pillowcases - Genius!

Scarf holder - now to find a hanger with holes in!
All images taken from tiny-ass apartment.

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