Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh So Lovely Vintage

I have just discovered Oh So Lovely Vintage and I am totally in love!

Erin and Stef are two amazing ladies who run a vintage store out of an adorable 1950's caravan. Their blog is an inspiring, colourful site, with posts on vintage clothes, furniture, recipes, fashion and all things Canadian.

I love vintage anything and I when I stumbled upon their blog, I was stuck (in the best way) for hours. Definitely going onto my bookmarks list. 

They have two weekly posts: Sixties Sundays - where they blog about anything Sixties,and Hues-day Tuesdays - where they post pics in their hue of the day. It is so original and such a unique concept. 

Here are some photos (all taken from their blog ) I take no credit for them!

Til my next post darlings... 

Olive the vintage caravan

The amazing ladies, Stef and Erin

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