Thursday, December 15, 2011

It Sucks to be Broke at Christmas!

I checked my bank balance the other day. It was a sad little balance. Everytime I buy something I think to myself, "There goes Markie's Christmas presents..."

And by something, I mean the necessities. Electricity, milk, etc. Blegh.

But I do have lots of savings money - just not feeling cool to dip into it.

So for those of you who are feeling toight over Christmas, here's some cool and *inexpensive* gift ideas.

*Bake lots of gingerbread cookies in Chrismassy shapes, and put them into cute little boxes.

*Buy online - it's always cheaper than at the shop. I have just discovered - awesome - and you don't even need a credit card!
*Buy some really nice homemade soaps and arrange them in a cute facecloth, at Clicks they have owl sets!
*Or just buy all the owl products at Clicks and give your aunty a hug and say "I'm your present!"
*A cute salad bowl or baking pan and a notebook containing yummy recipes to be made in the gift
*Visit the second hand book store - Mabu Vinyl has books for under R40, and the every Saturday there is a second hand book stall outside of Checkers on Kloof street.
*Wine - it's especially cheap here in Cape Town, fifty bucks can get you some pure yummyness!
*A disposable camera - so fun!
*Nuts and biltong for dad

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