Monday, December 19, 2011


Who doesn't love How I met Your Mother? I've been watching so much of it lately, it keeps making me LOL.

Here's some of my favourite quotes:

Barney: I'm teaching Ted how to live. I'm like Yoda, only instead of little and green, I'm awesome and wear suits. I'm Broda, and tonight, you're going to use the force to get any girl in here.

Ted: Okay, I admit it, Strawberry was a mistake, but how could I have known that going in?

All: Her name was Strawberry.

Ted: Well, Amanda is going to make Lily a cake, she’s a chef! We met when I was at a restaurant last week and I sent some soup back. Luckily she’s got such pretty hair I didn’t mind eating a little bit of it.

Amanda: They call me “The Shedder” at work.

Lily: …I’m so glad you’re making my birthday cake!

So cheesey
Marshall: Two months. My balls were bleu, bleu!!!


Barney: "Dude, ditch Tiffany and join the Barnacle in the Pharma Girl freeforall. Side effects may include: loss of clothing, rug burns, shortness of breath and sore abdominals the next morning. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS UP!"

Marshall and Lily are the best. Actually Jason Segel is one of my favourite actors; Freaks and Geeks? Holler!

I've just finished season three - it's so nineties. I love watching my favourite shows from the beginning to end - lol - who remembers SJP as Carrie in the Sex and the City in that white tutu.. Or Jennifer Aniston as Rachel in Friends as the cute little waitress, before she went all executive
The Rachel. They actually named
a hairstyle after her. Can you believe it!

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